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Hey There, So, u guana be able to get a hold of me or Bud to see what we're up to? Want to know which events I'm at? Check out our calendar of events. Want to have an iguanversation? Check to see if we're online at AIM or Yahoo (ID: iguanawoman2) or to send us a message, etc.? Great! We welcome any and all correspondence from all our ig friends and everyone else, too.

It's a small world out there and all of us iguanamamas and iguanapoppas and iguanakids, and well, whole gosh darn iguanafamilies, we gotta stick together! Iguanafriends are great! (I like other people,too!) I am looking forward to meeting and talking to you all!

If anyone has any cool ig or liz graphics, artwork, fonts, pictures or anything else to share , please send that too! I am always looking for great iguana and lizard stuff , and I welcome it all! Anybody know any good iguana jokes?!?

You can always reach us the old fashioned way via snail mail, for orders, regular letters, or to send cards or pictures. If you have any sample items for review, special gifts or goodies for Bud or myself you can send them along to there ,too. Bud and I always look forward to, and love hearing from ya'll!

Do you own or know of an Iguana Restaurant? Museum? or Reptile House?? I'd love to know about it- you just never know when I might pass that way! You could find yourself on our soon to come Attractions & Reviews page!

Thanks, I.W.


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