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Hello, I guess ya'll are here 'cause you want to know more about me and my lizard! So, here goes in a cramped little ig egg! I suppose I should start by saying that I am an "admitted (Should be committed) iguanaholic". I have pretty much been in iguanalalaland for about 12 years now. This website is what happens when you let little? Igsessions take over!

I think iguanas and lizards are the most fabulously, wonderful creatures there are. I'm sure all you other iguanamaniacs know exactly what I mean! If you're lizardly challenged, just bear with me, and you'll get a glimpse into my own little iguanaworld!
Love Me, Love My Lizard
Love Me, Love My Lizard
Currently, and for more than 10 years or so, I have been traveling around this gorgeous, great country to all sorts of events and selling my wares to all you wonderful people out there. Why? Because I love to travel and I love to meet other igphiles and their iguanas and all the other great folks from allover this great big, beautiful country! Not to mention it's given me many great opportunities to find all sorts of cool liz and ig items to satisfy my own igdiction, and even some to sell!!

While I love to travel for both work and pleasure, Bud prefers her large, custom built wood, glass and wire habitat to the open road. She has her sunlamps, heater lamps, and several wood pieces to climb on, hang out on, and bask. We miss each other lots, while I'm gone, but she gets lots of love and care from her grandlizardparents. She gets pretty spoiled too! You know how grandlizards and iguanachildren can most always get what they want! My 3 little nephews love their green Auntie Bu'guana, or zizzard as the littlest one calls her!

I am a single, 30ish igcentric mother of one gorgeous, green, girl iguanachild whom I especially love. She's my gorgeous little fat green BUD, and she is an extremely tame, beautiful 12 year old green iguana. She's been a light in my life since she was about 4 weeks old, as big as my finger, and her tail barely hung off my hand! She's adopted. Bud is now almost 4 feet long, about 2/3 is tail! She's kinda petite. She's single too, but she's not looking!

Bud is a strict vegetarian who loves lots of different veggies,including her favorites; fresh yellow squash, fresh mustard greens, fresh turnip greens, (she is a Southern Iguana, ya know!) and iguana chow every day. Everything is always cut up small, sprayed with lots of water, and served to her special! She also gets extra vitamins and minerals weekly.

Bud loves the heat and humidity here in the southern USA! She loves taking deep warm baths and swimming around in the tub. She's a great swimmer (like a gator) and can hold her breathe under water for quite a while. Bud sleeps with me in my bed when I am home, she's quite the lounge lizard and kinda lazy! (Definitely spoiled!) She's very smart- she knows her name and knows who the MAMA is! And Bud is even toilet trained!

We both have quite pleasant dispositions, although we can have our moments and moods! She's really just a big green scaley sweetheart! Bud is my animal guide and my very special friend. She is a teacher and a wonderful companion who constantly helps to make me more aware. I am truly blessed to have such a fine, loving green friend. She fill's my heart with joy and she is the green sparkle in my blue eyes!

I've Been Iguana Kissed
Greenest Regards,

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Enjoying her 'Bud-fet'
Enjoying her 'Bud-fet'
Her Iguananess, Bud
Her Iguananess, Bud

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